Press clips


Antelope Valley Press

»After last year's East Coast tour, the group returned to the United States for its series of shows on the West Coast that included stops in Arizona and Southern California.«
Julie Drake, September 15, 2006 (California)

Valley Verde Newspapers

»Gülay, who sings and dances, has a fantastic soprano voice and sings songs in 20 different languages ...«
Sedona, Arizona, August 23, 2006

New York Concert Review

» in arrangements that made use of some of the wonderful things unique to the western musical tradition. The performances were spirited and musical...«
Harry Saltzman, Winter 2006

Green Man Review

» hour of delightful listening...«
Tim Hoke, 2002



»The voice of the singer is extraordinarily soft and harmonious.«
Anna Tkacheva, Moscow, November 5, 2001



»...exotic sounds from Far East...«
August 19, 1999

Wiesbadener Kurier

»...sounds very archaic and strange but neverless it is so impressive and natural, that you dive in this musical world with pleasure...«
August 16, 1999

Die Zeit

»In particular iridescent are the Austrians with their singer coming from Turkey, an genuine Viennese flautist and a drummer with an Israeli passport who was born in Russia.«



»...the audience was enchanted by them...«
June 19, 1996


Kleine Zeitung

»You would have to make a long journey and to be very lucky, if you want to hear this marvellous music in that high quality.«
May 17, 2000

Die Presse

»...a concert of The Ensemble Aras & Gülay, worth to see...with the marvellous music from the peoples of the Silk Road...«
November 4, 2000

Kronen Zeitung

»It starts with beguiling sounds from those regions which took the mysterious Silk Road in the past.«
August 18, 1998

Tiroler Tageszeitung

»...magic of the and dance fuses together into a syntesis of the arts...«
June 27, 1997


»...musical meetings between some Oriental areas and the West...«

Wiener Zeitung

»...very impressive are the laments performed by soprano Gülay...«
March 25, 1994March 25, 1994

Die Presse

»Singer Gülay fascinates with her harmonious and mellow soprano voice.«
February 5, 1994

Der Standard

»...they convey a musical journey along the Silk Road...«
September 10, 1993

Unser Wien

»..mysterious world of the East...«

Wiener Zeitung

»In his arrangements Josef Olt avoids academic strictness as well as folkloric triviality. He succeeds in conveying a feeling about the range of Oriental music to the European audience.«
February 7, 1992

Das Fenster

»This is not banal light music...historically based and tasteful...singer and dancer is beautiful Gülay...for years the audience is enthusiastic about her...«
Julia A. Babeluk, 3/1992