Gülay Princess

World fusion music

The musical raw material consists of original melodies from the countries along the historical Silk-Road, which led across Asia and, as well known, in old times even connected Rome and the Chinese empire.

Performances worldwide

The Ensemble has performed worldwide from the Imperial Palace in Vienna to Carnegie Hall in New York.

Founded in 1989

In 1989, Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras was established in Vienna with the intention of creating a type of world music in which elements from Asia and Europe blend together.

Oriental crossover

Exotic instruments are used beside European ones. Gülay Princess interprets her songs in the original language of the respective countries and uses her special Asiatic singing technique, which is shaped by the art music of the Ottoman court.

Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras (April 2008)

Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras:

Josef Wolfgang Olt (flute), Marco Annau (keyboards), Lalu Joseph Alappatt (percussion), Gülay Princess (soprano), Michael Preuschl (doublebass), Andreas Pöttler (oboe, englishhorn) & Daniel Klemmer (percussion)