Gülay Princess' CD on board of the ISS


Since July 2001 Gülay Princess' CD »Colors of Silk« remains on board of the ISS

Ms. Reet Kudu, writer, choreographer and former music presenter of the Estonian broadcast, sent us in June 2001 the following sensational message from Moscow:

Dr. Alexander Sled, Russian main psychologist, who cares for the cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS), took up the last published compactdisc »Colors of Silk« of Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras to his program.

In July 2001 a space shuttle had this CD on board and its way into the orbit began. An unusual and unexpected premiere for the world music of Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras.
Since then this record revolves the earth in the orbit on board of the ISS!

Reet KuduAlexander Sled

Reet Kudu and Alexander Sled

In October 2001 Gülay Princess performed a concert in Russia's capital Moscow in honour of commander Usachev. Amongst the listeners were also the family of the cosmonaut and psychologist Dr. Alexander Sled.

After this unforgettable event Yuri Usachev told about his impressions while during in the space station for at least five and a half months. He said with enthusiasm:

»I used to listen this music while physical exercises. I never heard such a combination of music from East and West!«

click for Gülay Princess' interview with Yury Usachev
together with Yury Usachev and his Family
Yury Usachev (former commander of the ISS)

Yury Usachev

Yury Usachev,
former commander of the ISS in 2001, received first sample music from that CD over the space telephone and was very delighted of Gülay Princess' voice. Further he commentated:
»Finally, we fly also over the Silk Road!«

Watch now Gülay Princess' interview with Yury Usachev in Moscow:

Gülay Princess in Kremlin, Moscow
Gülay Princess in Kremlin